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There is the usual Dutch racist bullpuckey in the comments under an article in De Telegraaf.
In short: Muslims are barbarians, Jews are greedy, halal and kosher slaughter is mediaeval and disgusting, and if those damned foreigners don't like it, they can damn well leave.

The article, of course, has to do with the looming legislation outlawing schechting of animals in the Netherlands.
Both Geert Wilders and the radical eco-movement are in favour of a ban, the Christian parties are opposed.

Moslimorganisaties somberen over verbod,1

Jews as money bags:
ze hebben steun van de orthodoxe joden die de dieren op dezelfde manier slachten. Onze grote blonde vriend zal zijn geldschieters wel niet teleurstellen en zal dit verbod niet steunen, schat ik zo in.

Henk, Zeist

Jews as manipulators:
Geweldig die Joodse lobby. De beeldspraak kan eigenlijk niet gebruik worden maar ze zijn werkelijk roomser dan de paus.

jeroen, amerongen

Jews and Muslims as primitives:
Voor alle Moslimbroeders en orthodoxe Joden: "Welkom in de 21e eeuw"

Ad, Amersfoort aan zee

Jews and Muslims as barbarians:
in een beschaafd land doe je zoiets niet meer in 2011.

Jasper, Nijmegen

Jews and Muslims as worth no more than animals:
Het is toch waanzinnig dat men nog luisterd naar geloofswaanzinnige die dieren met een mes willen doden. Laat heb dat op henzelf proberen. Maar niet op dieren die evenveel waard zijn dan alles op de aarde.

Theo Niemeijer, Enschede

Jews and Muslims as foreigners who don't belong in the Netherlands:
We zijn in NEDERLAND, dit soort dingen hoort hier niet!

john, Emmer Compascuum

[Note: Jews have been there for centuries, except for a long period between when they were exterminated in the thirteen hundreds till when Marranos were permitted to enter during the Golden Age.
Many of the Dutch Muslims were born or raised in the Netherlands - the Dutch refused to sweep their own factory floors and pick up their own trash starting in the sixties, and imported cheap labour for that purpose. First Spaniards and Italians, then when the supply of those people dried up, Turks and North-Africans. ]

Jews and Muslims should leave, the sooner the better:
Ik snap niet wat het probleem is. Als de Moslims het hier in Nederland niet naar hun zin hebben, kunnen ze verhuizen naar Egypte byvoorbeeld.

Piet, Bussum

[Note: Piet will probably still refuse to sweep the floor and pick up the trash if they do leave. Many modern Dutch shirk jobs that don't involve sitting down at length. ]

Jews and Muslims can go get stuffed:
Halal of ritueel of what ever het is gewoon bij de beesten af om die dieren zo af te maken. Deze mensen hebben een gedachten patroon van 1000 jaar geleden het is 2011. En anders maar opsodemieteren ook die joden.Wat een onzin dat geloof bah bah get alive.

Rene, Eindhoven

Prehistoric, and a good reason to vote for Geert Wilders:
Dat ritueel slachten moet per vandaag worden verboden. Die maffe en pre-historische activiteiten moeten afgelopen zijn. Hoe zou jij het vinden als je, bij bewustzijn, een mes door je keel zou krijgen. Die mensen zijn helemaal de weg kwijt. Dit moet stoppen. Ik zou er zelfs nu PVV of PVDD voor stemmen en mijn VVD stem daaroor opofferen.

Arnold, Rotterdam

Many of the commenting class have severe problems with Dutch orthography - which might suggest that they themselves were foreigners in the Dutch tongue, were it not that their opinionated ignorance and spitefulness proves them native better than any birth certificate.

[Read all 187 comments here: VENIJNIGHEID. They are in Dutch - consider it an unpleasant language lesson. Underneath a previous artice (OOK VVD there are as of this writing over 300 comments, the vast majority both ignorant and xenophobic. The sentiment that Jews and Muslims should leave is expressed forcefully in any number of ways.]

The consensus is that the Dutch are superior to anyone else, certainly better than Jews or Muslims, and they see no reason whatsoever to be tolerant.
Dutch practices and ideas are the best. As is well-known.
Small-town Holland is the centre of the universe.

As Hesje in Leeuwarden says: "Ik denk dat heel veel nederlanders heel wat positiever over moslims en joden gaan denken als ze ophouden met het kwellen van dieren!" ('I think that many Netherlanders will have a much more positive impression of Jews and Muslims if they were to stop torturing animals').

With each year that passes, I am happier that I returned to the United States.
I am the only Dutch-speaker in my social life. It's a blessing.

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Conservative apikoris said...

"With each year that passes, I am happier that I returned to the United States."

I'm not sure it really makes a difference. We have the same kinds of attitudes here, and I suspect in the same proportion of the population, it's just the the American mouth-breathers get all stirred up against blacks and Mexicans instead of Muslims. At least so far. And most native-born Americans also don't want to do the dirty work, who can blame them?

The back of the hill said...

Ah, but it DOES make a difference.

You see, in the United States, I am an "autochtoon", whereas in the Netherlands, I would forever be an "allochtoon".

Not that most people over here really care one or the other. The autochtoon - allochtoon thing seems to be more a European obsession.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you you stupid bastard! Go to hell along with your other racist friends. While you guys are burning in hell, the muslims will be in heaven LAUGHING at fucktards like you. And i know not all people are like this, trust me its just you and a couple of other dickwads.

The back of the hill said...

My dear 2:36 PM Anonymous,

Would you mind clarifying whom you are addressing?

If it is the commenters underneath the newspaper article I cited, perhaps your ire would be better spent there. And if it is me at whom you vent your bile, perhaps you need to re-read the blogpost, as I fear you may not quite have understood its drift.


The back of the hill said...

On second thought, it's pointless to suggest that you vent underneath the cited article, as De Telegraaf scrubs all 'reacties' after a period of time, and closes the discussion.

So this is the only place, and again, please be more specific about whom you aver is a "stupid .. fucktard".


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