Sunday, April 10, 2011


And I could've gotten into her panties! Problem is, I keep acting like a fairly decent fellow - it limits one.
She was small, dark haired - such lovely dark hair - and she liked me.
But she wasn't sober.

The logical and gallant thing to do was pour her into a cab and send her off home. When someone is inebriated, it is better that they wake up the next day in a familiar place with no regrets.

Better for them, better for you.
It's an all-round good idea.


She wanted her friend Molly to go with her. She had come with Molly, and she and Molly had been swilling Corona and downing shots of tequila all evening.
Molly should NOT be left to find her own way home!

So we went to find Molly. Molly was singing. A tender heavy metal duet with a large curly haired chap. Molly has a good voice and sings very well, but it was wasted on a bar crowded with other singers.

[Seeing as I don't sing - those very rare occasions when I take the microphone are opportunities for even the non-smokers to step outside and discover a sudden affection for nicotine - I was probably the only person who realized how well she sang.]

The other patrons were far too busy suffering through all turns before their own to really care.

At any karaoke bar there will be evenings when everyone wants to star and will consequently not listen appreciatively to rival talent.

I doubt that Curly listened either. He was happily full of himself.
Still, it was a good duet.
Molly obviously liked him.
Wherefore getting her into that cab was also the right thing to do.

It being better that she should also wake up in a familiar place with nothing to regret.

Far better.

After pushing both ladies into the back of a taxi (mmmm, squishy!), I went back in and finished my drink. On stage someone was wailing disconsolately about red red roses having thorns, oh boy do they so.
Curly at the bar avoided my eye while clutching another brandy.

Three people woke up this morning in familiar places, and entirely without regrets.
Not sure about the fourth one.

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Tzipporah said...

Yes, fine, send her home, but get her number!

Also, stop trying to meet nice young ladies at bars. It's not the place.

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