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And again, an article in Hollands' premier newsrag gives the hatefilled side an opportunity to vent their base prejudices.
Predictably, much Netherlandish ignorance is on display too.

The Dutch, unhampered by any knowledge whatsoever, consider kosher slaughter to be a cruel, mediaeval and barbaric ritual drenched in superstition and voodoo.
Or so it would seem from the venomous comments underneath an article. As of this writing, well over two hundred readers have spewed their opinions.

This article: http://www.telegraaf.nl/binnenland/9515748/___Hoorzitting_onverdoofd_slachten___.html?p=23,1


Quote: "En wie het niet zint heeft keus genoeg te verhuizen. Joden passen zich goed aan, maar weigeren ook maar iets aan hun geloof te veranderen"
Translation: 'Whoever doesn't like it can jolly well leave. Jews adapt very well, but refuse to change anything of their belief.'

Quote: "Beter om een einde te maken aan de vrijheid van geloof,want het schijnt voor hen te betekenen dat alles mag en moet kunnen in de naam van religie en het maakt ze niet uit wat anderen daar van denken."
Translation: 'Better end religious freedom, because it seems that for them it merely means that they can do anything in the name of religion regardless of what others may think about that'

Perhaps the comment that explains the average Dutch position on this matter best:
"Gewoon stoppen met dat ritueel slachten en geen geouwehoer verder. Als ze ritueel willen slachten gaan ze maar naar het land van herkomst, maar niet meer hier. Het moet maar eens afgelopen zijn met dat middeleeuws gedoe,WE LEVEN HIER EN IN HET JAAR 2010"
Translation: 'Just stop that ritual slaughter and no more bullsh*t. If they want to ritually kill (their food) they should just go to wherever they came from, but not here. That mediaeval crap should be over and done with, WE LIVE HERE, AND IN THE YEAR 2010'

Well, there you have it. Jews and Muslims have no place in Holland. Either they cease offending the refined sensibilities of the natives, or they should all get the hell out. Obediently follow the pattern that their neighbors enforce, or leave. Just leave.
It isn't their country, and never will be.

I had not thought it possible that so minute a country could house over two hundred opinions! But actually, it doesn't. They are all mostly the same opinion: Kosher slaughter, and its Muslim equivalent, are disgusting practices that prove Jews and Muslims to be despicable subhumans who have no place in civilized societies. And especially, they should NOT be different. How dare they!
The Dutch majority is always right, and those primitives have no business imposing their deviant practices on decent people.

Difference has never been comfortable in Holland. Being Jewish or Muslim, by Dutch standards, has often seemed an uncharming manifestation of insanity or perversion, much like being provincial, French, or inbred. In the modern era, Jews and Muslims had damned well better adapt.

This is Holland, where the will of the people is sacred and sanctifies all.
Not some theocracy like Iran, Saudi Arabia, or the United States.

NOTE: The article is about the suggestion by the Christian Democrats, Christian Union, and SGP to at least discuss the matter with Jewish and Muslim organizations before imposing laws banning kosher and halal slaughtering.
Naturally, this generated howls of outrage.

Geert Wilders' (PVV) and the left wing parties are all for an immediate a ban, and see no point in even debating the issue.

UPDATE (9:35 AM):

The Telegraaf has now disabled the comment feature from that article and removed all reader-input. Perhaps due to the incredible levels of xenophobia and venom being spewed by the no-necked masses.
One can but hope – the racism and bigotry was getting out of hand.
In the Netherlands, there are limits to freedom of speech.

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