Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yesterday evening I tried explaining my blog to someone. That may have been the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. What, she wanted to know, did recipes for zebra meat, articles about Jewish subjects, quotes from rabbis, Chinese poems, Dutch translations, and political opinions have in common?

What was the theme? What tied it all together?
What, in fact, was the focus?


Lady, it’s a blog. On this blog, I am a super hero.
No, I am NOT wearing superman underpants right now!

I’m fairly certain she doesn’t understand the concept behind blogging at all.
She tweets.

People who express themselves by tweeting have little to say, and actually qualify as halftwits.
Tweeting is the poo of communication.

Bloggers, on the other hand, have depth and breadth. Bloggers cunningly synthesize disparate elements into one cohesive and eloquent whole. Bloggers provide a refreshing and complex view.

No, those are NOT just self-serving statements!
Browse through everything here, and you’ll have a complete picture of the man, his interests, his habits, and his stupendous intellect. You will find him utterly fascinating.
Handsome and sexy, too.
The twinkling eyes, high cheekbones, distinguished looking nose…..
AND the elegant yet strong hands!
Charming, chivalrous, gallant – a paladin among men.
Supportive, comforting, kind............

How can you NOT like him?
He fulfills dreams you didn’t even know you had!
You passionately need someone like that in your life.
Yes you do.

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Anonymous said...

Its always seemed to me to be an outlet for your need to express yourself. Maybe link the blog to a dating website as your profile. At he moment,I am pleased to be writing from my own desk.

ingenuously amphibious said...

Modest, withal

Anonymous said...

Liar! I have it from a good source that you are in fact wearing Superman underwear.


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