Saturday, April 09, 2011


The title of this post was the criterium that drew several readers to this blog. Like many of the more unusual searches, it reflected a prevalent obsession among cruisers of the world wide web.

It must be VERY frustrating when they discover that so promising a link leads to a rather unexciting text.
There are NO nipples here.

It has, in fact, been far too long since this blogger actually even saw any nipples.
I really wish it were otherwise, as I am saddened by the absence of the little rosebuds.
I think I may have even forgotten what they look like - could you please describe them?


My own nipple-quest has been quite unproductive as yet. And I'm sure that you realize that it's not just nipples, but a warm and interesting personality that moves the nipples which I seek. Important detail, that.
Nipples, without a happy young lady behind them, aren't all that interesting.
I would prefer the total person.
Which is why casual street cleavage is NOT exciting. One knows nothing of the exhibitionista wot possesses them; they are without context or ken, and thus not even a tempting intellectual conceit.

If, on the other hand, the possessatrice of the nipples is a person about whom one is passionate, then the actual nipples themselves are not so important.
Yes, they are nice, more lovely even than one could imagine because of the person of whom they are adorable adornments, but when they are in focus it is only because of the presence of the nipplesome miss herself.
Without her intimate involvement one would not fondle, stroke, delicately pluck at, gaze upon rapturously, or lovingly pet the pert little pods.
The nipples are in that sense an afterthought.
Tasty, yes, but not alone.

Your nipples are so lovely!

I am incredibly fond of nipples. Many of my very best moments have involved the beautiful little buttons.
But impersonal nippletude does NOT thrill me.
At present, whatever thoughts I have about the delightful qualities of nipples are in the abstract.
It's a philosophy that has no current applicability.

Still searching.

Should likely candidates wish to flock, please form a line to the right.
There will be several lunch and dinner interviews before we discuss the nipples.
We'll chat about other things, enjoy each other's quirky sense of humour, and take pleasure in shared moments. Maybe even hold hands and gaze out over the sparkling night-time view of North Beach from a vantage point on Russian Hill.
We'll drink deeply of the fragrance of wild jessamine.
And then will we consider nipples.

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