Friday, April 15, 2011


The other day a vivacious little thing complimented me on my appearance, by refusing to believe me when I mentioned my age. It was very flattering, and gracefully done, too.
Unfortunately, she's already taken. OR maybe it's fortunate for her.
You see, I tend to be slightly pervy. Not everyone can handle that.

"But you look so much younger than that!"

That, too, is good.
If I ever end up taking a sweet young lady out to dinner, I will not look like her father.
We can pretend we're colleagues, the wait staff will never know.
Absolutely no embarrassment on either side.


Not being embarrassed is important.
Nice girls do not want to be embarrassed by their companion, and if he is a decent fellow, he would not ever want that either. A relationship that endures has to have an element of suitability and tactful behaviour.
Different backgrounds, ethnic groups, ages, and genders, are not an issue, whereas acting up and a lack of consideration definitely are extremely problematic - just look at all those tacky celebrity marriages.

There have to be compatible ideas and personal codes of conduct.

For example, if he is much older than her, AND a cad, or if she is a lot younger, AND a trollop, you can see a problem.
The two of them need to 'overlap'.
That's why I have never trusted the trophy-blonde phenomenon. Almost always he's a right sodding bastard (just look at what he did to his ex-wife), and her motives in marrying the nasty rich old geezer are more than a little suspect.
Additionally, the fact that she will have abnormally large mammary glands does not argue for a pairing of intellectual equals.
It just doesn't seem right.

The mamaries are convincing.
The pretense of equality isn't.

On the entirely other hand, a foxy mature Caucasian gentleman and a small smart-aleck young Cantonese woman - that's perfectly normal.
Clearly they're made for each other.
In fact, they couldn't be more suitable.

Just the right degree of difference between them, they compliment each other perfectly.

The more I ponder this hypothetical situation, the more charming it seems.

I've always liked fairy tales.

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Anonymous said...

Mamaries, I like that word.


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