Friday, February 10, 2023


Someone whose opinion I respect informed me that my brilliant picture of Marjorie Taylor Green as a screaming baboon was probably horribly unfair to baboons. To which I protested that when baboons are acting roaringly belligerent, it's not because they are deliberately acting like white trash, but they're just posturing as a way of communicating.
Probably territorial rights or something.
This is MY mound of termites!

And one has to make an exception for American Christians, bless their hearts. They're just not very bright. Why, most of them are too darn stupid to wear a mask in crowded places, seeing as they know, positively know, that Covid is just a liberal plot, darnit.

That there has been a twenty plus percent increase in cardiac arrests and an equal rise in myocarditis among the twenty to forty year olds who have had Covid is not an issue.
Most of them don't have καρδιές anyway. Faugh and forsooth!

You won't find cardio anything in the bible!

Or Shakespeare!
See, baboons have kardies and brains, and look where it got them!
They're still stuck over in Africa, fat lot of good that is!
They could have been in Georgia by now.

Also, baboon is a choice.
Like pronouns.

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