Friday, February 17, 2023


Not all of us perceive the same reality. Which is good. A diversity of views and opinions stimulates debate and a more in-depth view. Except that if someone is not a scientist or math-capable, AND religious, I would much rather they shut up.
Or at least not utter stupid opinions.

During my days at work, for several hours the soft murmur of stupid opinions, sometimes the loud angry vituperative snarl thereof, is audible from the old boys in the back. And today is my Monday, so there's a few more days before the blessing of silence.

Slightly over four hundred per day at present, 188,620 since February 16 2022. It's over, you say, and you now distrust people who wear masks. You very probably read the Washington Examiner or the New York Post, and watch Fox.

It is significant to me that the people at the pharmacy where I picked up my refills recently, attached to a hospital, were ALL wearing masks. Perhaps they don't read the Washington Examiner and the New York Post, or watch Fox.

Of course they're all alive and know how to read; that makes a difference.
When at home they enjoy not being around people. They read. They rest. They dream.

Then they sit down at the table by the window where there's a brand new tin of Marlin Flake (Rattray's) and a jar of pipe cleaners, thoughtfully load their pipe, and while lighting wonder how come there are so many deliberately stupid people and why are they all still alive.

It's a mystery. And it's much too early to drink.

The Glenfiddich 12 year old will wait.

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