Thursday, February 16, 2023


Change happens. Sometimes at a glacial pace, more often, on a personal level, somewhat faster. Which means that while one is clearly related to the individual one used to be -- it's the same person, so to speak -- one is not the same. And would probably not like to spend much time with oneself. The pandemic accentuated a process which began before that.

No, I never did eat like a Texan. So that's one version of me I need not worry about running into at random. Nor the idiot Christian that speaks in tongues. Who also never existed.

I might click under their Facebook posts just to fool the algorithm.
Keep them showing up in my feed at least.
Poke, poke.

Of course the moment they say anything positive about the orange-faced turd who belongs in a prison, their asses are grasses. Unfollow, unfriend, and excoriate viciously. Idiots!

Strong of jaw. Stern of mind.
There are ways of dealing with that! Even virtual me is a man with sensible and well-justified opinions. Just far less likely to counter-argue some inane crap. No, I have not given up.
I just don't see the point in getting flaming morons to think right.

Clear headed. But not nearly as patient with people.

Ten years ago I was more like this:
Still, I think I have become a more tolerant and accepting person. I even put up with habitual smokers of aromatic pipe tobaccos nowadays. They enjoy it, no harm done.

Just not Captain Black Grape or Watermelon.

Ruddy perverts.

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