Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Years ago when I still lived in North Beach and had no cooking facilities, I would often have a light snack for supper at a nearby burger joint. Which is still a place to which I happily go. The owner passed away a while back, but his hardworking son keeps it running. The prices have gone up a bit. As would be expected. But the neighborhood still eats there.

If you have visited the bars or clubs there late at night you have probably been. It's always delightful to find yet one more person among my friends and acquaintances who says "oh yeah, I go there" and takes doing so as a natural thing and doesn't everybody?

The place is a walking advertisement for the benefits of Sriracha.
As well as properly done fries.
Even the skeeviest dingo is usually well-behaved in the presence of an honest hamburger.

One of these days I expect to see United Nations diplomats discussing weighty affairs there between twelve and two in the morning. Because a hot burger with a sploot of Sriracha chili sauce soothes the savage beast, and makes everything better.

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