Wednesday, February 08, 2023


No, of course I didn't watch the state of the union speech. Or Sarah Huckabee Sanders' bullshit response. Life is too short to hear positive poofle OR weird paranoid MAGA shiznit afterwards. And I'm sure I'll hear all about it over the next few days anyhow, if the rightwing can forget, for a moment, about balloons, sexualized m&ms, racist discrimination directed at pudgy middle-aged entitled white people, and other teacup storms. Oh, and big balloons.
In relation thereto, let me point out that the balloon was white, and we shot it down!
It was filled with gas or hot air, like a Republican.
Oh, the humanity!


What I did see on teevee was LeBron James being lauded. Along with clips of his greatest hits. A very talented athlete, with excellent timing and a sound knowledge of geometry. Normally I don't bother watching anything sports-related, but I sat in awe.

It was much better than the balloon footage.
Again, it was a white balloon.

There were only three rats in Spofford this evening when I walked through, but they were relaxed, not as jumpy and tense as the rats there usually are. I doubt that the unbalanced Caucasian individual stumbling through noticed them, although one of the residents returning home certainly did, and chased two of them out of his doorway. It was several moments before they reappeared.

Maybe next time I should bring them cookies. I like rats. My fellow Caucasians on the whole not so much. I bet I could train the rats to wear their masks when out on the public street. Caucasians, doubtful. They are mostly Karen or Kevin. Or Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
And Tucker "dumbnuts" Carlson.

The karaoke bar was nearly empty when we entered. Soon afterwards it was aswarm with customers. Fortunately it took them a long time to decide which dulcet Abba or Eagles song they would assay, and in the gap we got to see Andy Lau on screen doing his weird stuff.

The bookseller, upon sniffing his fingers, remarked that they smelled of barbecue sauce.
We agreed it was a masculine smell. In the same league as cigars and motor oil.
Kind of butch and all-American, like meth cooking in the trailer.
This pursuant a deodorant ad on the television.

There were more white people enjoying maskless freezums on the bus back over the hill. Most of the people you will see not wearing masks are white people expressing their freezums. Infectious freezum is infinitely precious for white people.

It's what mom, the flag, and apple pie is all about.
Freezums! Murica!

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