Thursday, February 09, 2023


In order, the states which hell will freeze over before I ever vist those poxy inbred regressive shitholes this morning: Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Montana, Idaho, North Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado. These are all very Christian places.
I am beginning to have a slight dislike of Christians.

A quick visit to the internet added Iowa.

Also filled with Christians.

Casserole country!

There's a car parked on the street outside with Idaho plates. I'm guessing they're refugees. Probably couldn't stand all the Christians and their casseroles. It is only a matter of time before frito pie and canned tuna meet, and it will most likely happen in Idaho. They're probably still shell-shocked. Traumatized. Cowering in a basement.
And muttering "the horror, the horror".
Waking up screaming.

Maybe I should welcome my new neighbors. Drop by dressed like Marjorie Taylor Greene, bearing a casserole. It will make them feel right at home.

First pipe of the day while taking a walk. There are five (!) discarded Christmas trees in the neighborhood. Folks, the second week of February is too late to get rid of it, even if you need to decorate for the Superbowl. You made a commitment! You have to keep it till midsummer, when it's fully dried out and you can take it apart with a hacksaw (so that you can dispose of it in the recycling bin). I did that one year, now it's your turn. It's the law!

Take one of them back to Idaho when you leave.
Surprise your kin folk with it.

UPDATE 11:40 AM:
Add Utah.

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