Sunday, February 26, 2023


So Buzz Feed posted an article titled: Asian Americans Are Pointing Out The Stereotypes They're Sooo Tired Of Hearing, And I Can't Believe This Is Still Happening In 2023. It's a worthwhile read. Given that I speak three Asian languages badly, live in San Francisco (a diverse city on the west coast of North America), and worked for both a Chinese American computer company which had a number of Chinese American computer geeks, as well as an Indian restaurant (which also had a number of computer geeks), I found it interesting.

No, I am not planning to share it with my Chinese American apartment mate (who is also somewhat geeky); primarily because I don't want to hear (again) how white people are all a bunch of c*nts in some respects.

And, having been told to go back where I came from regularly in the decades that I've been back in the United States, because I just don't sound like you all, bless your hearts, Anglo American assholery is something that I've alread discovered! Abundantly.
Bless your hearts.

Yes, we are a bunch of c*nts in some respects.

Instead, I'll simply point out that Scott Adams' comic strip "Dilbert" getting dropped from hundreds of newspapers is freedom of speech writ large. Which naturally I support.
I suspect he'll now be featured in the print edition of Newsmax, if there is one.
Bless his heart.

Fox News, which is not in the news business, will probably decry the woke censorship.
Bless their hearts.

And all over the red states people will discover that they love that strip.

Bless their hearts.

Far too many people in this country are Tucker Carlson.

Remarkably, very few of them are Asian American.
Or black.

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