Monday, February 13, 2023


Half a dozen years ago after snacking I passed an old fellow lying flat on his back at the intersection of Clay Street and Grant Avenue. At the time I regretted not being quite as fluent in Cantonese as one would have wished, given that the EMTs were unable to communicate very effectively. The only help I could have provided would have been to ask whether he liked his milk tea sweet or very sweet, and did he want hot sauce with his meal? More or less.
Also, a plastic bag (膠袋 'gaau toi'), for any groceries.

Medications, history of seizures, diabetes, gas gangrene?

Um, no idea. Now I'm somewhat better at all that.

Seizures: 癲癇發作 ('din haan faat jok').
Diabetes: 糖尿病 ('tong niu peng').
Gangrene: 壞疽 ('waai jeui').

The second one, in my experience, is a bit more widespread than the first, and vastly more common than the last. And if the last, I may have some bad news for you.

Amputation: 截肢 ('jit ji'). Immediately: 即刻 ('jik haak'), 趕快 ('gon faai'), 旋即 ('suen jik').
As a pipesmoker, I probably look authoritative and expert enough to get it done. But lab tests would be best, as old fellows crumpled on the pavement may be slightly out of it, and likely to agree to anything they are asked in order to get the nosy white person to go away.

Old sir, do you have gangrene? "Why yes, yes of course!" Venerable dotard, do you know that there's a long green reptilian tail sticking out of your trousers at roughly arse level?
"Why yes, yes of course!"

I was smoking this pipe at that time.
During colder weather, soup noodles are very gratifying. And if you also order a soy egg with it, which you will break up in the liquid, the yolk eventually falls apart and makes the last bit of broth creamy. So my lunch today was quite wonderful.

Afterwards, I smoked the pipe pictured above.
Nearly had seizures from the cold.
It's dangerous out there.

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