Thursday, February 23, 2023


In reference to MTG, someone on Facebook opined that she's a deranged rabble rouser. Well, yes. There's a lot of deranged rabble in this country. So I for one welcome the invasion of highly intelligent super pigs that's been mentioned in the news lately, and can hardly wait till they've eaten their way all across the Midwest and down into the panhandle.
By which time they should have acquired guns.

Riffing off other news on Facebook: corgis are the new measuring standard in the United States. A highly intelligent super pig is the length of three to five corgis. Over in Europe they're using metric, but we're Americans and don't do that.

Like healthcare, metric is communist.

Just take some Pepto Bismol and buck up, you girlie man! You don't need healthcare when you're in a red state. Prayer, boy, and a full tank of gas!

Fortunately, the Indian purple pig-nosed frog is not invading.

If they do, we're done for. Imagine "ribbit, ribbit" in the accents of the last Kevin, Michael, and Shelby who called you to ask about your healthcare parts A and B, end of life funeral insurance, extended warranty, and how your computer is functioning.
Remarkably, they were in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.
According to caller ID.

Fear the Indian purple pig-nosed frog! It's super intelligent, and good at math.
In any case, smarter than some dumb old redneck frog.

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