Monday, February 20, 2023


Sometimes an idea comes up that's so stupendous you just have to grab it by the balls and fly with it. Such as the one floated by everyone's favourite Southern Woman. Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for Republican states to secede From the Union. That didn't work out too well the last time. This time we can bomb them. Which shows how great this idea is.

[It's neither here nor there, but Marjorie Taylor Greene is the Matron Saint of Karen everywhere.
She thrills them. Oh, wetness! They idolize her and want to be just like her when they're old.]

This blogger looks forward to seeing Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tucker Carlson, Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz arrested as criminals and shot. We'll make it a holiday.

Then tear down even more statues of reprehensible people.
This time, without waiting a century.
Burn, baby, burn.

But if her district and a few other leave, we'll just ship other criminals there and build a wall.

Years ago I gave Southern Womanhood brownie points, because despite frightful viragos like Anita Bryant, they did have Anne Richards and Molly Ivins. But, sadly, both of those fine people are deceased. Now they've just got MTG, Richard Santos, and Ted Cruz.

Let us send in the black helicopters with transgenders and cattle prods, and round people up. White men, women, and children. All the Christians. Mars needs organs.

We now know how to make pecan pie, and we don't need grits.
So let them leave. Goodbye, and damn' good riddance.

Ms. Boebert is an honorary Georgia peach.
Take her with you when you leave.

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Alcyon said...

Maybe once a decade I reread Bruce Catton's history of the U.S. Civil War and rewatch Ken Burns' documentary of the same. I always ask myself if it was all worth it. Stripped of pride and florid Christian thought and language, the question could arguably be answered, no, no it was not worth it at all.

What if Lincoln had let the South go? What if Wilson had kept the U.S. out of the Great War, likely forestalling the next world war? I am one of those who finds questions like that intriguing.

In any event, sure, let them now go. I wonder how the greediest sucklers of the Federal teat would manage after being cut off and left to fend for themselves? It would make Brexit seem like a good idea by comparison.

Bah! I'm glad that today I'll be smoking my pipe, drinking my tea, and walking my sister's dog. GH Kendal #7, if you must know. A shag cut, slightly sweet, medium strength blend, it suits me to a "t".

Anonymous said...

MGT means well but geography gets in the way 100%. Republican majority states still have blue cities, or purple, depending on district. Even a confederation of states would still need to recognize laws and rules pertaining to trade, interstate commerce and the like. I think the best any Republican majority state can do is continue to vote out woke Democrats and hope more liberals don’t move to their state. Look at North Carolina: it now has a tech sector thanks in large part to liberal Californians moving there for less expensive living, better schools, cleaner neighborhoods, etc. This is why MGTs proposal is already a dead issue. Just my .02 yen.

Alcyon said...

Agreed. Not only a dead issue, but stillborn.

And, as much as I'd like to see horrible people be gone, it wouldn't be fair to yank the rug out from under somewhat more reasonable people. Who often are the actual numerical majority, but are kept from power by gerrymandering.

I'm thinking I'll ignore the news feed for a day or two...

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