Saturday, February 11, 2023


According to Yelp and a few other sources, L'Ardoise is THE most popular first date restaurant. And photos of the interior show it as having a romantic glow and ambiance.
I have no doubt that the food is also rather good. French bistro style in an intimate atmosphere. The reviews are excellent. It's definitely worth your while.

Yessir, not going to go there.

One of my favourite spots has a brusque efficient waitress, splendid roast duck, and clean tables. With windows looking out at traffic and the occasional seedy North Beach denizen.

Another fave has quick service, set lunches, great milk tea, and bottles of Sriracha.

Nothing says intimate and worthwhile better than having the same taste in condiments and caffeinated beverages. I can well imagine someone with floppity hair and spectacles making subtle and rather discreet nummy sounds as she tucks in, adding another splootch of red pepper sauce, the afternoon sunlight gleaming off the rims of her glasses ...
She just can't help it; this is fun!
The restraint and correct behaviour required at a fancy restaurant wich serves classic French food, and has, nota bene, an actual wine list, seems rather contra-romantic. Wreathe your beautiful smile in crab fragments and smears of garlic butter instead.

No one EVER has to wash their face at a French restaurant.

They just don't inspire people the same way.

No, I don't have anyone in mind, nor a likely candidate. But if I ever do, she'll have rather similar tastes and sensibilities. It would be pointless otherwise.

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