Wednesday, February 08, 2023


One photo stands out from all the others taken during yesterday's State Of The Union. It shows some trailertrash yowling at cars on East 15th. Street in Oakland. While soliciting bidniz. You kind of expect Wayne Brady to come rolling by in a S.U.V. to choke a bitch.

Oh, I'm sorry, that's not some ordinary slag, that's the honourable representative from Georgia's 14th. congressional district, acting precisely like you would expect from the deodorized armpit of Republicanistan. A good solid Christian.
An example for all Christian women.
In Georgia.
The solid Christians of North West Georgia, Jesus's own country, where white is right, can justly be proud of their congressional representation, shown here snappily dressed in the best pimp stylin' seventies hippie fashion. It's quite a statement. Bold.

Precisely what you want your daughters to grow up to be.
And your sons.

In North West Georgia.
Flounce, bitches!

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