Tuesday, February 21, 2023


Those bokchoi and pork steamed dumplings were extremely delicious! In truth, sometimes there is nothing better than sitting down to enjoy tasty edibles in a clean cheerful bustling environment filled with efficient women and happy customers. The efficient women were the staff. Which is appropriate, as one associates Chinese dumplings with women. Deft hands, and a feminine food aesthetic. Add hot sauce, and a cup of milk tea, and this middle-aged Dutchman was in hog heaven.

As were plenty of other people. But I had ordered the steamed dumplings (水餃 'seui gau'). Which they do a very fine job of. As one would expect.


Previously I had had their chive and pork steamed dumplings (韭菜豬肉水餃 'gau choi chyu yiuk seui gau'), but one shouldn't always order the same thing. Veer a little sideways. Not exactly foreign territory. Bokchoi and pork dumplings ('paak choi chyu yiuk seui gau').

Late lunch, early dinner. It was already dusk when I left, happy as a clam.

Hon's Wun Tun (洪記麵家 'hung gei min gaa').

Hon's Wun Tun took over where the Washington Bakery and Restaurant (華盛頓茶餐廳 'waa seng duen chaa chaan teng') used to be at 733 Washington Street. They remodelled the place slightly, expanded their menu, and also added steamed dumplings to their selection. And trained staff to make them. Very good staff, with brilliant fingers.

Also, their Hong Kong style milk tea is da bomb. Strong. Most places do a somewhat more anæmic brew. A man could easily become habituated to their version.

There is also congee on the menu. It's a pity they don't open at the crack of dawn. Strong milk tea, a bowl of rice porridge, and an oil stick. Not that I'm a breakfast person, but that would be delightful at cock crow.

This is all food for thought.

No, I have no idea what the people who work there look like. They all wear masks, because the pandemic is still raging. And that's not important. They are probably all quite personable. But that isn't why I go there. I never ask restaurant staff out, because I don't want to ruin a good thing and get banned. Caucasians who speak Cantonese are recognizable.
Correct behaviour does NOT step out of place.

I have gone to eat there a number of times now.
Because I'm quite fond of dumplings.

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