Tuesday, January 03, 2023


One must watch out, when swimming, that there are no peculiar things in the water. In a fast flowing stream it's no problem, but in slow sluggish water one could bump up against a dead animal. This far inland, fortunately, there are no crocodiles. So the phrase "hatihati, ada buwaya di sungei" is probably meant in jest. Other islands are different. More wild.
Here the most worrisome thing is mosquitoes just above the surface.
Also, liver parasites and typhoid from the sewers.
Oh yeah, and dengue.

Best to ford at the shallows. A conveyance is coming soon, and it will take me down to where my eye doctor has her office. I have an appointment this morning for which I will show up early as I always do. Unless a cadaver comes floating by from the floods earlier.

Oh wait. That was out in the delta. Not the city.

"Awas, ada kerbau ambek!"

Run for your lives, the water buffalo are loose; they're angry and taking over.
And they've got guns.
It actually didn't rain that much. Not by the standards of the tropics or Western Europe. But it was a lot more than we're used to, and both the weather people and normal folks freaked out. You'd think it was the end times.

First eye appointment. Then pipe, and wandering down to my bank. After which lunch, then another smoke.

There is no tropical river nearby. No salt water crocs ('buwaya') nor water buffalo ('kerbau'). The only creatures that are ambek ambek sekali are the local street people, some of whom need medication oh boy.

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