Tuesday, January 31, 2023


As you probably know, much of my social life is virtual. Meaning that I interact with people thousands of miles away who share many of the same interests: food, kittens and other furry beasts, linguistics, South East Asian history, tea, and pipe smoking. Some of these fields are not quite fascinating in the same way to all of us. My linguistic interests are broad, but also narrow. Food-wise I'm variable in the extreme. The furry beasts must show quirky intelligence (so chihuahuas are right out, but meerkats are a distinct possibility). The Swedish Chef.
As regards pipe smoking, hobbits and pirates aren't part of the programme.
Tolkien and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are not it.
Simenon is.

People will post pictures of themselves. "Here is me enjoying an obscure branch of the Ural Altaic language family." "This is a wet curry I made." "My dog has fleas; hi flea."
"A crow and my cat playing on my left foot."

So far this morning I've seen five pipe smoker selfies. Nice pictures of gentlemen exquisitely dressed, distinguished looking, at ease, and self-composed. So, happily joining in, here's a picture of me enjoying the second pipe of the day:
The pipe in this picture is a Dunhill Patent which I had during the Crimean War. I purchased it when on leave in Novo Nogaisk, at the famous old tobacco shop on Sanatornaya Ploshchad in the old city, near the delightful cafè where Sigmund Freud wrote The Silmarillion, and Ulysses, occupying a corner table looking out at the trams, which inspired him.
I am dressed as Lord Nelson.

Young people these days, what is this world coming to?

Among the things which Millenials don't know how to use are rotary phones, pencils, and mediaeval armour. It's so sad, they'll never know the joy we had as children.
Plus Wysushena Bobrovi Kozha Original Mixture.
Made by Sobranie of London.

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