Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Delightfully offbeat usually means 'pretentious dreck'. That is a conclusion to which I jumped while the advertisements on the rent-a-mystery ceedee were playing. The apartment mate is watching Columbo. She's rediscovering her childhood in a way. This is the same woman who memorized Valley Of The Dolls in its glorious stinking entirety. Words. Songs.
Dramatic over-acting, histrionics, and bathos.


I do not expect her to pick up cigars.
She hates the damned things.
Even the green ones.

"I have to maintain quality, that's what gives me control."

She does not like the character of Columbo, finds him rather odious. Which is thoroughly understandable. An icky irritating man, who probably stank of cheap candela cheroots and tuna fish sandwiches. Personal habits and character traits which grate. It is amazing to find him referencing his wife so often. Even more when you consider that in real life the actor who played the man is now in the slammer for whacking his spouse.
Let's hope she never wants to explore Kojak. Which made lollipops popular, and bald men seem exciting, in the person of an odious New Yorker. The world is filled with odious New Yorkers, and we've all heard about the damned pizza and bagels by now.

[Important correction as of 11:25 PM on Tuesday January 31: Peter Falk didn't off his wife. He passed away on June 23, 2011.
I may have been thinking of Robert Blake. I am sorry.]

Delightfully offbeat, quirky, and entertainment for the whole family.

The Seventies were a decade we were glad to see end.

Unfortunately the Reagan-era followed.

Hollywood needs to apologize.

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