Monday, January 09, 2023


South American Trumpite shites stormed the parliament and supreme court in Brazil yesterday. On Facebook I recommended that they all be given teddy bears, because saying that they should all be lined up and shot would get me banned for life there. Many North American Trumpites don't know where Brazil is, and can't spell it anyway.

Yes, I'd like to be a fly on the wall when the glandered old farts congregate in the backroom today. Betcha several of them will soil their already overloaded incontinence pants sputtering about freezums and kommunees repression, and how it's all the fault of wokeism, pronouns, and blm.

Teddy bears, boys, y'all need teddy bears!

Just like our own January 6 morons, the rightwing protestors in Brazil SHOULD have been clubbed and teargassed savagely until there was nothing left but pools of smelly rightwing goo. Unfortunately you can't do that in a civilized country.

Given Jair Bolsonaro's deliberate denialist response to the pandemic and massive wilful incompetence as Brazil's president, on so many levels, he's a mass murderer. I am not surprised that cretins like Steve Bannon support him and his criminal co-conspirators.
But at least Bolsonaro may end up in prison.
Bannon? Probably Florida.

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