Sunday, January 08, 2023


A friend who lives overseas reminded me, pursuant Elon Musk, of Ezekiel 20:23, which is one of the riper and more unprintable parts of the Bible. Which has a great many such passages, and is well worth reading for the smutty bits.

The connection with the aforementioned Musk organ escapes me, perhaps a link to the perfume industry is suggested. Readers may be considerably less obtuse than myself.
I crave their fond indulgence.

So from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops the following neat-o-keen and church-approved totally unexciting translation:

20 -- She lusted for the lechers of Egypt, whose members are like those of donkeys, whose thrusts are like those of stallions.

21 -- You reverted to the depravity of your youth, when Egyptians fondled your breasts, caressing your young nipples.


Good heavens, I must say. Nipples, eh? I happen to have a helpful diagram.
In this schematic, the nipple is the topmost part, which looks remarkably like a knob on complicated electronic sound recording equipment in a music studio.
Like the translation, it is not meant to excite.

I used to have considerably more exposure to nipples than at present. Nowadays it's precisely none. There was a time when I was considerably luckier. In that regard.

In fact, I often went out to dinner with a particular pair of nipples.
Pleasant company, excellent food, intelligent conversation.

I find it hard to think of Elon Musk and nipples in the same sentence.
In fact, I shall darn well refuse to do so again.

I am fond of nipples.

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