Thursday, January 26, 2023


Whenever I leave the building, irrespective of where I'm going, there are several things I will count. Dogs. Streetpeople. Loonies. And Moppets. How many in each category? Mind you, this is San Francisco, so the first three in decreasing number are prevalent. And will do their business on the street. Also keep in mind that Chinese moppets are far preferable, because unlike Caucasian moppets their personalities are NOT solidly composed of "I'm precious and adorable". There is in consequence often more intelligence there, and less of that innocent childlike insufferability.

"I'm precious, I'm adorable! Gimme candy, bitches!"

Okay, in that respect I'm probably a bigot.
A reverse racist.

Karen and Kevin, your brat is incredibly nasty.

Another category I count is frogs. Now it may be that there are too many Karens and Kevins here, but there are NO frogs in my neighborhood.
This place is defective. Not even one.
What is wrong with you people?
Why on earth not?

I expected frogs. I'll settle for toads.

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