Sunday, January 15, 2023


Perhaps it was indigestion. Weird dreams. More than likely, however, it was a side-effect of the bloodpressure meds, as was warned of in the tiny print. Like many cigar manufacturers, medicine companies expect their demographic to consist of young vibrant twenty-somethings with perfect eye-sight, perfectly capable of reading microscopic text.

They may be slightly clueless.

What the heck does that say?

"If condition lasts for more than ten days, go directly to the emergency room and call a priest. Don't drive or operate any machinery while taking this medication. Do not smoke this cigar around little children or easily triggered people from Berkeley. Don't look behind you."

"May cause nightmare visions."

Well, the priest, machinery, and little children aren't mentioned. But the words are too small to read, so they might as well be.
Whatever it is, it's gaining on me.
And wants to talk about Jesus.

I had a bag of Jalapeño-flavoured potato chips for dinner last night.
Might not have been totally well- dvised.

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