Wednesday, January 25, 2023


We discussed croissants. There's a place near his work that has excellent ones, another place that ranges erratically between splendid and okay. There is nowhere within walking distance of where I am presently at or where I work that has decent croissants.
So in a sense I am envious.

Chinatown, as you probably realize, is not croissant territory.

It's an egg tart kind of place.

It's been two weeks since I had an egg tart. Which is depressing. What is this world coming to when a man has not had an egg tart in so long?

When I arrived at the bakery last week, the egg tarts were all sold out. They had probably made far fewer, because New Year was coming up, which necessitates closing for two or three days, and they probably didn't want a batch of stale egg tarts staring at them when they reopened. Understandable. I also think that stale egg tarts are bad luck.

Also bad luck would be gastric disaster. It is axiomatic that egg tarts that are five days old will almost certainly cause that. Stay away from the five day old egg tarts. Yes, they are delicious, but restrain yourself. Still your bestial pangs.
Fresh out of the oven is perfect.

Sometime this week I will have an egg tart.
Finished my pipe quite a while before the bus dropped him off. At the burger joint a man with an irritating voice kept talking about tips, credit cards, and fried chicken. I fervently hope his bestial pangs cause him frequent gastric disaster, because I am an unpleasant man and my right leg hurts like heck.

At the karaoke place we got to hear way too much jiggy lofan shiznit.
Scandinavian musicians are quite possibly a plague.
Abba, Aha, oh jayzus, damn.

White people should not sing karaoke.
Or songs that can be karaokified.
Scandinavians especially.

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