Saturday, January 14, 2023


In all honesty, I liked that famous actor back when he was still fresh and innocent. Before he developed a chemical problem, was divorced multiple times, arrested on battery charges, and forced to register as a sex offender. He seemed more special then.

Now he's just an elderly syphilitic Republican.
Not particularly interesting or unique.
The spark is gone.

I'll assume that like many celebrities his breath is bad with a Bourbon undertone.

He reminds me of several people I have been avoiding for years. Rather seedy types. Investment bankers, junior executives, failed lawyers, and up and coming real estate speculators. Plus a few people living off the rent they charge for their properties in commercial areas. They are, naturally, cigar smokers.
They are awash with the reek of expensive Bourbon.
Drenched in that paint thinner essence.
Hint of caramelized charcoal.

I've heard that some of them are married. Yet strangely, their wives don't spend any time at all with them, but enthusiastically let them out of the house. They're hoping John-boy goes playing in traffic.

These are very American men. Some of them are from Texas or New York. You can't get much more American than that.

By the way, you know that curiosity that makes you regularly examine the nasty canine fecal deposit on the sidewalk outside, that despite the fairly constant rain has not washed away in over a week, but simply turned more like a lump of reddish coral, twixt Sienna and Ochre in hue, kind of like fresh rust? Precisely so. Republicans.

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