Tuesday, January 17, 2023


Yesterday was filled with symptoms. Coughing, sneezing, and minor aching. Probably a long delayed bout of influenza, rather than a cold. With a medium level of physical misery. Much like Sunday, except more so, without the debilitating stomach cramps that marked the end of that day. Monday evening was mainly a runny nose. Like a leaky faucet.
Haven't sounded so wheezy and leaky since 2019.

By mid afternoon, feeling peckish, I fixed myself something simple; broad rice stick noodles with little bits of spiced meat, chopped veggies, mushroom stock, chilipaste, and fried crab paste from Thailand, plus plenty of slivered ginger. Mostly rice stick noodles.
Something mild and comforting, in other words.
Easy on the digestion.

Lunch was NOT followed by a good smoke, as it customarily is.
Didn't go down to C'town for milk tea and a biscuit.
The routine was necessarily out of whack.

Discombobulatory, and irritating.
Today will and must be quite different. Bank, eaties in Chinatown, and a hot cup of milk tea. Followed by a pipe. The illustration above was chosen because it's Tuesday, not because panties are part of the programme. They haven't been for years. Tuesday.

Of course it did not help that I am a member of six pipe groups on Facebook. So there were tonnes of photos of happy men smoking pipes, handsome pipes next to tins of tobacco, men doing things that men do while smoking pipes, idiots being hobbits, gandalf, and someone with a fetish for big, big, BIG pipes (who probably has a tiny willie), as well as briar pipes being made, filled, and lit.

Didn't smoke a pipe at all yesterday. But I did polish the rims of two nice old items with microfibre pads, one of which will be smoked after a plate of whatever over rice later today. Could have jook, could have something sautéed and sauced. The latter with gobs of hot sauce, the first with a yautiu, no chili.

Considering the amount of sneezing yesterday, my nose seems determined to be a pain in the gand. It may be defective. Possessed. Dammit.

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