Monday, January 30, 2023


There is a great similarity among some pipe smokers, hot pepper fiends, elderly gay men, and Christian true believers: we like fresh meat. When we see some bright young person thoroughly enjoying our own depravity, it gives us a warm feeling and we feel soft inside.
It's perverse, but extraordinarily innocent. I had lovely discussions with not one but two extremely nice youthful intelligent fellows this past weekend with excellent taste in briars and high quality tobaccos (Flue-cured leaf, both men). It did my shrivelled heart good.
Welcome to the dark side, you sweet young things.
We have cookies!

Such rosy cheeks!

Neither one of them gave any indication of a hobbit thing or pirate sensibility. So I expect that in a few years they'll be wearing tweeds, visiting museums when on vaction, and whacking the tall grasses with blackthorn walking sticks while avoiding other people and cell phones out in the country side. Or gloating over their vast but peculiar libraries with odd areas of intense depth and specialization.

Not inclined toward pipesmoking because of image, but having gravitated toward it quite naturally, because they are civilized.

Years ago a friend overseas retired from a career in Hong Kong and retired to the depths of England, where he does not indulge in drunken benders involving stale beer and greasy fish and chips, like so many of the natives there, but walks his dogs on the moorlands, takes pictures of animals, and has the occasional glass of sherry or cup of tea in his study. His children are at university and scarcely bother him. Except to encourage those pursuits.
I expect his daughters will follow in his muddy foot steps (it rains a lot over there).

Somewhat related thereto, some friends dropped by my work, and I now have another bottle of home made ghost pepper sauce and a bag of delicious shortbread cookies. The latter will be great with tea, and I'm thinking I should buy a bottle of sherry.

Totally not related to anything, I will now share something said to me a year ago. "I always listen to you, even when you babble the most inane shit, old geezer."
This from the apartment mate.

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