Monday, January 02, 2023


Periodically I go through the storage boxes and haul out briars I have not smoked in a while. It's a voyage of discovery, because most pipes que memory strings, and have complex sets of moods associated with them. They are mementoes of periods in the past, as well as emotional tools.

Some people have that only with photos or souvenirs.
Others have books and favourite teacups.

Many Americans use drugs, booze, and junk food for the same purpose. "Whenever I eat nuggets with ranch dressing, I always remember grampaw whom we put in the assisted care facility five years ago, who dribbled and convulsed whenever he ate them. I suppose we should visit him once in a while. If he's still alive. I luvvv nuggets 'n ranch. And fries!"

Then they take another swill at their water bottle filled with clear corn liquor.
Ah, good times. Oh man. That calls for some pot.
Is there a dispensary nearby?

Obviously I don't associate with many normal Americans. I have only the faintest notion what they are like. I see them picking up their dog's pooh occasionally. And we sometimes smile or wave at each other. Then I continue on up the road, pipe in mouth, thinking to myself what interesting lives they must lead.
The pipe above reminds me of finally getting medical treatment, which saved my life a few years ago. So it's associated with good times. Also with a man I did some work for, who lives with a dog, a cat, and a fabulous hoard of things. Several Japanese pieces of furniture.
We have similar taste in tobaccos.

The last time I saw him was at the end of summer, when he had a few bees in his bonnet.
He didn't have the dog or cat with him; they don't travel.
I wonder how the critters are doing.

Judging by pavement evidence and people I've passed this morning during my walk with a pipe, the canines in this neighborhood have very healthy digestive processes. During rainy weather I am mighty glad that I do not have a dog. But I do rather like them.
It must be strange to live with a creature so fascinated by arse.
Cats are far more sane.

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