Monday, December 02, 2019


For four days people have been happily burbling over the great Thanksgiving celebration they had, or whining about relatives they have to feed and house because kin flew out and expect to be entertained, and asking me how my Thanksgiving was.

Truth be told, it was decent. A good lunch in Chinatown, real food not American food, plus milk tea, and a pipe-smoke afterwards.
A fine semi-celebration.

But what I've been telling people is.....

"We went Vegan this year. We raided the pens and set free all the captive turkeys. We gave them Kalashnikovs and directions to the mall, and encouraged them to wreak violence. This is the year you take back what is yours, we told them. And off they went, to slaughter the less than innocent.

Well, except for one we kept behind.
For certain "purposes".

All turkeys look alike. And in the excitement, nobody noticed.

I think some of them believed me.
It's my reputation.

So okay, yeah, gonna repeat that word-experiment for Christmas. It's better than the nonsense about the fat pervert in the stained red bathrobe.

This time I'm gonna throw in the magic yuletide poodles.
As per ancient and authentic Welsh tradition.

More believable than reindeer.

Rabid poodles.

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