Sunday, December 15, 2019


It struck me in the middle of the night that it has been ages since I hugged a naked person. Now, you might think that in a city like San Francisco, where it seems that nearly everyone is a hedonist AND there are tonnes of free spirits, that could not possibly be so. But one must exercise discretion.
Many of the hedonists and free spirits are old and crazy.

In the main I do not mix much with old nuts. Life is too short.

The great advantages of hugging a naked person, especially during the cold season around the holidays, are warmth, and a reasonable semblance of actual human contact.
There you will be, in the middle of freezing sleet and driving rain, hugging a naked person, and suddenly life doesn't seem so bad.

Please ignore those sirens coming nearer.

Or comments from passers-by.

Don't let the jealousy of random strangers affect you. Their lives are empty, and they lack naked people to hug. Cold, sterile, no human contact.

Please imagine a want ad: "sane and dispassionate pipe smoking Dutch American who bathes nearly enough seeks warm-bodied sensible individual of the suitable gender who is NOT seeing a therapist regularly and does not believe herself a strong spiritual being or incredibly gifted and artistic for occasional experimental nude hugging during cold wet weather."

"Persons channeling for two thousand year old warrioresses needn't apply".
"Nor recent or habitual marijuana users, or dipsomaniacs".
"Vaccinations are a sine qua non".
"No gluten-phobes".

"Serious inquiries only".

"Must read books".

"No freaks".

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Frau Doktor W said...

Perhaps you should broaden your horizons beyond the Bay Area?

The back of the hill said...

Nah. Not going to do the long-distance thing. Not that needy.

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