Friday, December 06, 2019


Ran into a real live anti-vaxxer yesterday and did not ream her another one. Which is evidence that I am capable of remarkable restraint. I may be finally growing up. It was in Marin, of course. Anti-vaxxers are like Christians. By whom we are surrounded. We must be tolerant. Still angrily unaccepting and critical, but tolerant.

Tolerant, in this case, means non-violent and non-murderous.

We must not openly plot to burn them at the stake.

Regularly during my working hours I encounter people whom I warmly tolerate at least three feet away don't come any closer bitch or I'll reveal my true form.

Middle-class white people in the Bay Area seem particularly likely to descend into spirituality, native mysticism, and non-scientific mumbo jumbo. Or to practise yoga for Americans, ridiculous dietary health fads, and what my apartment mate calls "Buddhism for white folks".
And I get it; you're all so buggery "enlightened" and "woke" that you've gone off the deep-end and have become unbearable. Which is your right, I acknowledge that, please don't share anymore.

My ancestors came to this country over three and a half centuries ago to get away from people like you. Oh, and also to teach the natives all about skates, scalping, how to make donuts and semi-firm cheeses, baggy pants, clogs, and tulips, but mostly to get away. Don't you forget that.

Damned pot-smoking hippies.

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