Thursday, December 26, 2019


Both the apartment mate (Savage Kitten) and the Turkey Vulture (Sydney Fylbert) seem to want to keep me alive for a while. When I returned from work this evening, the Turkey Vulture (Sydney Fylbert) was on my bed with extra bottles of supplements: D3, B12, and Magnesium. That last is good for high bloodpressure and heart function, and apparently I have a heart.
This is a datum will come as a surprise to several people I know.
Who believe me full of piss and vinegar at best.


Sydney Fylbert is, of course, the newest roomie. A splendid addition to the household, despite his yearning for carrion, corpses, and cadavers. And his disconcerting habit of staring intently at the other creatures and sincerely inquiring about their health, and the lifespan of their species.

Anyhow, I now have enough supplements to last me till next Autumn, and it's nice to know that my continued existence is something desired. I've sometimes doubted that that was so. In any case, I like prezzies!
This is the season of prezzies.

Sydney Fylbert (the turkey vulture) is kind of like Big Bird's more interesting Goth cousin. Probably the nicest buzzard on this side of the Rockies.


The other day I explained what 'faecaliths' were to someone, and then demonstrated how that term, which is probably the most useless word in the medical lexicon, might hypothetically be used, by, for instance, jokingly postulating that not far from Stonehenge (a circle of giant megaliths), there was a lesser know stone circle, much smaller, made of ... faecaliths.

Maybe he wasn't listening; I then spent twenty minutes trying to assure him that the faecalithic circle of which I spoke was of no cultural or historical significance whatsoever. Non-existent, even.

He's not correctly wired.

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