Sunday, December 22, 2019


Nicole Marie Poole Franklin, a woman from Des Moines, vehicularly assaulted a teenage girl with her SUV because the girl was Mexican.
Which is something that says it all about the Trump era.

"Nicole Marie Poole Franklin, 42, is charged with attempted murder for allegedly running down a 14-year-old on Dec. 9 as the girl walked to Indian Hills Junior High School, Clive police say."

"The Clive police chief said hate crime charges are being considered after a woman admitted she hit a 14-year-old girl with her car because the girl is Hispanic."

End quotes.

SOURCE: Woman admits to hitting 14-year-old because of race.

Remind me never to visit Des Moines. And by the way, everything between the far side of the Oakland hills and New York is Des Moines.

From the Associated Press:
"Ms. Franklin made several derogatory statements about Latinos during a police interview in which she admitted she intentionally ran over the teenager" ...
"Franklin was already in jail on a separate assault charge when police interviewed her about the hit-and-run. In the assault case, which also occurred on Dec. 9, she’s accused of making racist remarks to a West Des Moines convenience store clerk and customers and throwing items at the clerk."

Het spoort echt niet met jullie Trumpaards.

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