Thursday, December 26, 2019


A friend suggested that I try internet dating. A few years ago I joined an internet dating site, with considerable apathy and a huge lack of enthusiasm. Which got worse as time went by. Most women are looking for a man who will raft down the Amazon, climb Everest, likes dogs and cuddling, and goes to the gym. Most men like moonlight walks, adventurous independent career women, cuddling, and baking quiche with honest artisanal non-gmo ingredients. After a few months I shut down that account.

Basically, internet dating is a job interview.

For a better version of yourself.

How frightful

For the record, while I know how to make a quiche, I use gmo ingredients, don't own a dog, and absolutely promise that I will never raft down the Amazon OR climb up or down Mount Everest.
Moonlight? Yeah well okay.

I think I prefer people with some reserve, rather than extroverts who put everything out there.

A friend suggested that, to be more attractive, I should quit smoking.
Actually several friends have told me that.


Pipes and tobacco are memory tools. And welcome comfort, the smell and feel of old times, late afternoon tea, rainy summer evenings, late nights with a book, the family pets from several years ago, playing hooky from high school, watercolour paintings, the Cheshire Cat, jasmine tea, smelly couch pillows, Kurt Weill and Bertold Brecht operas, the narrow lane past the side of the house in Valkenswaard, a riot in front of the Spanish Consulate, palm trees on the road to Baliguan, copra in a large warehouse near the beach, fish drying in the sun, a range of fine cheeses, latte at the Caffe Trieste with a milk foam crest on top of roiling liquid, durian on the back table freaking out the regulars, tea with a friend on a rainy day in Northbeach ...

These are building blocks.

So no.

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