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In a discussion of which greeting is appropriate at this time of year, I am informed that the correct thing is "penitent advent You Miserable Sinner" Naturally I prefer to wish some people "burn in hell, heretic scum", because, if you think about it, false religions are considered witch craft in the Old Testament, and we are also admonished not to share worship with idolaters and heathens. And to Dutch Calvinists, almost all other Christians are heretics, or worse. Of course, as an atheist, I usually have a "meh, whatever" attitude, and wish every one "happy holidays",
Without specifying which one.

A correspondent writes: "I was raised by Calvinists... it’s like being raised by wolves, only quieter".


I myself was not raised by wolves (we jumped that ship five generations ago), but surrounded by them. Some of my classmates kept insisting that being of a different creed or branch I was destined for hellfire, other children were NOT allowed to play with some of us kids because we were poison. The Dutch side of the family tree is sodden with Calvinists going back to the late fifteen hundreds. The stricter Calvinists had their own schools, which yielded some extremely strange results. One kid I knew insisted into his late teens that the menses were caused by original sin, and sinful thoughts which the weaker vessel could not resist.... and objected furiously (damned well had fits) when I drew diagrams with Latin terminology to disprove that.
So I have little affection for the children among whom I grew up.
The Catholics were as bad, but with different biases.

You'll understand, I hope, that other than a sometimes severely disapproving attitude about whatever it is that people are doing, and they should jolly well cease and desist, dammit, I am a mellow, broadminded, kind-hearted, and forgiving man.

Although as a person with Aspergers, I don't like it when y'all don't do things the way they should be done.

You lot can be very irritating. You know that, don't you?

Please do NOT employ text-message spelling when I'm around, and stop tweeting. Oh heck, learn how to spell correctly, and formulate sentences properly, as if they were complete thoughts. Attend to punctuation too.

And stop adding flavours to coffee that do not belong there.

Almond pumpkin frappuchinos are heresy.

Burn in hell, Starbucks.

In this world, writing like a civilized person, and abjuring or abstaining from heterodox beverages, are both extremely important.

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