Monday, November 27, 2017


Per the BBC, the government of Pakistan has decided not to use force on the hardline Muslim extremists creating disturbances in Islamabad (*).
This is clearly the wrong move. Once you allow the religious element to riot, civil discourse is over. For the good of society, the proper approach is tear gas, clubs, and bullets.

Muslim riots in Pakistan? Tear gas, clubs, bullets.
Hindus running amok in Gujurat? Tear gas, clubs, bullets.
Haredim protesting the draft? Tear gas, clubs, bullets.
Christian anti-abortionists in the interior? Tear gas, clubs, bullets.
Family Values-niks snitting over bathrooms? Tear gas, clubs, bullets.
Angry Buddhists in Myanmar or Srilanka? Tear gas, clubs, bullets.
Bearded loons in London or Sweden? Tear gas, clubs, bullets.
Texan conservative voters? Tear gas, clubs, bullets.
Bajrang Dal? Tear gas, clubs, bullets.
BJP? Tear gas, clubs, bullets.

Evangelical Christians?

In order for societies to function, rather than become dysfunctional, the religious nuts must be kept in check by the realistic threat of force. We've seen what happens when that is removed from the equation. Just think of Afghanistan, Ahmedabad, Babri Masjid, stone throwers at the Dome of the Rock, Serbian Nationalism, Erdogan, and radicals in Den Haag.

Across the board, trouble could have been nipped in the bud if tear gas, clubs, and bullets, had been judiciously and rigorously applied. The American deep south would look a lot different, Blacks might have gotten the vote generations sooner, and we'd have a president.

If rum, sodomy, and the lash kept British sailors in line and made Britain a super power, you can just imagine what tear gas, clubs, and bullets could do against religious thuggery.

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