Friday, November 03, 2017


American politics is a dirty business. Which comes as no surprise, but revelations from both sides of the aisle this week make clear precisely how much rot there is. The Republicans are sodden with venal opportunism, and the top echelon of the Democratic Party have completely betrayed the trust we put in them. Both sides gave us Trump.

Clinton, Trump, and everyone involved with them should be taken out of politics. Likewise Ralph Nader, Bernie Sanders, and Jill Stein.

[And especially political hack and former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile, who shat all over her fellow Democrats yesterday, with her spurious claim that Clinton attempted to "wield control of [DNC] operations" in 2015. Clinton assumed control in June of 2016, AFTER the primaries were over and she had become the party's nominee, which is completely and absolutely normal. Brazile also lied ("fake newsed") about the money. See this: Hillary Victory Fund.]

Yesterday a fellow smoker, who feels betrayed and put upon because he can't smoke in his own home, nor on the public street, suggested that we all write letters to Governor Jerry Brown thanking him for standing up to the anti-tobacco fiends. He went on to recommend that everyone should write multiple letters to their congress people, for a variety of causes. All in all he was hopelessly, stupidly repetitive, and remarkably gibberant.
A very innocent man, almost child-like.
As well as a bore.

Politicians do not do things because they are right, but because they are expedient. Letters accomplish little other than putting you on mailing lists that you will never escape and keeping the post office in business.

By the way, those anti-smoking restrictions, and the new tobacco taxes in California which went into effect this year? Please break the law whenever possible. Smoke near office buildings, asthmatics, and vegans. Purchase black market cigarettes as well as silk stockings and bread from shady types, and rudely invade yoga studios and marijuana dispensaries.
Smuggle cigarettes in from low-tax states.
Or from Mexico.

Throw apples, dirty diapers, and tunafish sandwiches at bureaucrats and politicians whenever and wherever possible.

Walk your dog on government property.

Deface currency.

PS.: If you forward a packet of discarded cigarette butts to Assemblyman Marc Levine (D-Greenbrae) and Senator Steve Glazer (D-Orinda), their staff will probably send you a donation envelope, and your number will show up on every Democratic Mailing list, marked for solicitation calls whenever some whore somewhere needs to defeat a Republican.
So it might be worthwhile anyway.

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