Thursday, November 02, 2017


Sometimes there is nothing special about an item, unless it flies at you.
The sportsman that flung the comestible was recently sentenced.
His throwing arm is still in excellent shape.
But his aim was off.

You do not go to Hong Kong for sandwiches. Especially not tuna salad sandwiches, even though they are part of a British tea there. And most especially you do not go to Wanchai for tuna salad sandwiches.
Even though very many people do.


The typical HK tuna sandwich ('tan-na-yü saam-man-ji') is composed of tuna salad on toasted white bread, with often either sliced tomato or crispy bacon. Sometimes a fried egg. It will not (or rarely) be as aero-dynamic as required, however, and won't hit C. Y. Leung right in the puss as you probably intended.

This is an important consideration.

The best tuna sandwiches in Wanchai are made with toasty baguettes, thick sliced tomato, and crisp lettuce. Ask for a rasher of bacon on top, which is yummy. Mr. Leung won't like it, though. To him, all such things are “臭魚三明治” ('chaau-yü saam-ming-ji'; "stinky fish sammich").

He probably also sneers at the 可颂芝士吞拿魚三文治 ('ho-jung ji-si tan-naa-yü saam-man-ji'; croissant and fromage tuna salad sandwich) or the 粟米吞拿魚三文治 ('suk-mai tan-naa-yü saam-man-ji'), which has corn kernels mixed in, or the 辣吞拿魚三文治 ('laat tan-naa-yü saam-man-ji') with spicy cayenne remoulade, 牛油果吞拿魚三文治 ('ngau-yau-gwo tan-naa-yü saam-man-ji'), made with avocado .....

[NOTES: 可頌 (Mandarin 'kěsòng'; "can laud") is one word for croissant, but 牛角包 'ngau gok baau' ("cow horn bread") is more common in HK. 芝士 "chee see" (cheese) is a phonetic transcription of Cantonese origin (芝 'ji'; "miracle mushroom". 士 'si'; "scholar, official"). 吞拿魚 'tan na yü' literally means "engulf take fish". 三文治 'saam man ji' "three literature regulate"; sandwich. 粟米 'suk mai' "unhusked millet ('suk') and uncooked rice" ('mai'); corn. 牛油果 'ngau yau gwo'; "cow grease (butter) fruit", avocado.
It is also called 鱷梨 ('ngok lei'), meaning "crocodile pear".]

Mr. Leung Chun-ying is not a fan of tuna.

Many other Hong Kongers are.

Stinky fish sammich.

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