Wednesday, November 22, 2017


My apartment mate shares with our downstairs neighbor an appreciation for cake. Given that once upon a time they were both little Chinese girls growing up in San Francisco, I will go out on a limb here and guess that it is a result of not having enough cake when they were kids.
I base this also in part on myself. I was never a little Chinese girl in San Francisco, and my cake thing is by no means excessive.

On the other hand, offer me pastries and snackipoos, and I am all ears.
Pastries and snackipoos have what it takes to hold society together, whereas cake is for anarchists.

Shan't mention how old these two ladies are, but they are both past college age. Adult women. Of Cantonese ancestry. Who must have cake on what appears to be a weekly basis.

Now that I know that, what course of action do I take?

I'll probably just step aside and let them frenzy.

In an animated series years ago, a little girl becomes lost, and lives off of the discarded wedding cakes behind a bakery for several months.
Which my apartment mate thought perfectly reasonable.

I am a middle-aged single man.
Sometimes scared of women.
They're bizarre creatures.

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