Saturday, November 04, 2017


A secret message from Washington to the Russians was intercepted and decoded, divulging Donald Trump's schedule during his Asian vacation.


Sunday 5 November: Arrive in Japan. Golf with Prime Minister Abe and professional player Hideki Matsuyama at the Kasumigaseki Country Club.
Monday 6 November: Get up late, play golf.
Tuesday 7 November: Arrive in South Korea for golf with President Moon Jae-in. Address the National Assembly, eat something.
Tweet, play golf.
Wednesday 8 November: Arrive in China for a series of golf games and meetings with President Xi, who reportedly has been practicing his stroke.
Thursday 9 November: Get up late, play golf.
Friday 10 November: Arrive in Vietnam, participate in golf games during the Apec summit. Then have a brief conversation with President Trần, and play more golf, possibly with Vladimir Putin.
Sunday 12 November: Arrive in Manila, Philippines, and take part in an anniversary dinner. After which he might attend the Asean summit in Manila (November 13), talk with President Rodrigo Duterte, and play golf.
Tweet again.

It is unknown at which point in the trip the president will ceremoniously vomit on a foreign leader. The money is on China, on Wednesday or Thursday.

Upon his return to the States, the president is scheduled for a briefing on the effects of the International Date Line, which may last several hours.

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