Sunday, November 19, 2017


Sometimes, as you would naturally assume, dealing with the American-born can be problematic. For me that would be the American-born Dutch -- "we grew up eating boiled lettuce which our Oma prepared, so we naturally know more than you" -- and many of the American-born Chinese -- "we only understand a primitive country dialect of Toishanwaa, so your fancy pants city speech must be stupid and badly pronounced, you dumb-ass Caucasian person" -- as well as almost all the American-born Mandarin and Indonesian speaking ethnics -- "bah, we fart in your general direction, you nasty unreconstructed pale fossil" -- but it is rare that one encounters someone with a completely repulsive and putrescent attitude.

Recently I did.

An East Coast female.

Who considered me "white". Offensively so.

Her own white-ass self not.


Eine Atlantic city frostikke yenta, mit eine farshtinkende putire paskudnye grobkeyt! Sie kon ihre snotty stuck-up attitude in ihren ungefilte fish arein shtuppn biz es brent, and pound chrein after, sachif al kalba.

She should go back to Atlantic City for Thanksgiving.
And croak of food poisoning there.

You know, many Americans are putrescent shits, but some of us take the rotten cake in that regard, they make Euries look acceptable. Rigid arsed Anglos, Amer-asians, sinitic Yank-o-philics, Kelto-trash, Scandifockers, the entire Slavic shmear, pigs from Poland, Germany, Slobovakia; Serbs, Grekistanis, russ-o-rapistinians, and carpetbaggers from all those other shitty places where we dredged the pissy dissatisfied masses from.

Also the gorhelpus Baptists and evanguckingelicals. Or child-molesting Alabamian fundy-wundies. Damn, you folks are crap!

But some are far, far worse than others.
Kozzakken megn sie kriegen.
Particularly that one.

And her draggy-ass freckled boobs.

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