Sunday, November 26, 2017


Everything in Marin needs sambal. As, I am sure, the Mexicans would agree. Here in SF we have flavour, so not as much sambal is required.
But Marin County is the suburbs. So everything is bland.

TGIFridays, Outback Steakhouse, The Olive Garden, Pizza Hut, Chili's, Panda Express, and Der Wienerschnitzel were all invented specifically for suburban people. They feel happy and safe there, nothing risky is on the menu. Re-interpretations of Chinese and Italian food, donuts, bagels, cheeseburgers, tofu dogs, croissants, lettuce, and breakfast.

The Herring Godmother hasn't visited them.

Their edibles do not inspire.

Spoodle foodle.

Dinner last night: Mie goreng with chopped kundol and tomato, shrimp paste, roast chicken, blob of sambal, and a squeeze of lime juice.
Oh, and a little ginger and scallion.

Now, THAT needs to sold at late night food stands along Polk Street.

Not sure how the late night crowd would deal with this.
They're young, feckless, and rather dull.
Bacon dogs with mayo.

Not sure what I'll eat tonight. The building blocks I have to work with are promising. Plenty of noodles, various kinds. Meats, dumplings, canned stuff, dried tofu. Vegetables. Four kinds of hot sauce, sambal, shrimp paste, fish sauce, abalone sauce, oyster sauce, dried fish, mustard, spices, chilies .....

Eggs, coconut milk, rice, onion, ginger.

Oh, and cheese.

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randomly amphibious said...

I believe Der Wienerschnitzel has re-branded. They're now called Wienerschnitzel.

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