Monday, November 20, 2017


Because of the upcoming holiday I have an uninterrupted stretch of four days off, and will not be at work again till the weekend. I had best make sure I have enough potstickers. There will not be any turkey, and I have no intention of countenancing 'tofurkey either. I firmly intend to be antisocial and avoid as many native speakers of English as possible. So I will also stay away from the cigar bar, because nothing is more soul-withering than listening to happy cigar smokers wandering in for a last drink and puff, and burbling (in horrid detail) over what a fine dinner they had with friends, family, and various haphazardly chosen companions.
Oh, how delicious! It was truly splendid!
We gobbled for several hours!

Instead, troll-like behaviour. Pursuant which, this description was the best line today: "socially inadequate seedy men sitting in their basements ranting". It expresses the paradigm perfectly.

Well, no basement..... think den or bat cave instead. But yes, socially inadequate, and by the standards of many people probably seedy.
And ranting is my natural condition.

I was originally planning to go have baked Portuguese chicken rice in Chinatown around mid-afternoon on Thanksgiving, but I do not want to make plain my lack of family and social network to the people working at any of my favourite restaurants; I want neither sympathy nor possible distrust of my disconnectedness. And it would be too hard to explain that Caucasians in the United States are often loose ends at the frayed edges of kin groups, and that while this is not the common condition, it is sort of normal.
Not just bums, criminals, and crazies.

Instead I'll make Portuguese chicken rice at home. My apartment mate will probably clear out of the kitchen by early afternoon, so I'll just bide my time till she leaves for Thanksgiving with her relatives.

Four days of being a wild solitary beast.

Oh joy.

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