Thursday, November 23, 2017


There are times when I consider myself merely a visitor here, listening in on what you humans are talking about. Because getting involved in some of your conversations is the wide open door to insanity, and pretending to be an alien instead is the best way to maintain one's equilibrium.

And, honestly speaking, everybody here is nuts.

Scraps overheard recently:

"Poor Southern Christians care passionately about "Happy Holidays", and will boycott any business that uses the term instead of the obligatory "Merry Christmas". Because it's all about Jesus, and he's an angry redneck, or sumpin'."

"It's all that money, and most of those trailerparks ain't got none."

"Cinderella is nasty-ass and exploitative."

"Hogtied; it's suburban."

"Those clever Singaporeans, and snacks that smell like nail polish!"

"This is a waste of time! There are no tornadoes!"

"I threw up in shop class."

Most of these were uttered by Caucasians in Chinatown, of whom there seem to be an awfully large number. Maybe there's nothing else to do on Thanksgiving except wander around a strange and exotic neighborhood? That would also explain the Mandarin speakers. There are more there than usual. Many of them young and prosperous. And, by their standards, probably "slumming", because Cantoneseness isn't their thing.

Middle-aged Shanghainese women on their cellphones can be extremely loud, and may have irritating voices or speech habits. On the other hand, old white men fart a lot. Boy howdy. And that worries me, because I am white, and will eventually be that age.

Public transit is a slice of life.

Best line overheard:

"Weren't you supposed to be dead?!?"

That last "conversation" is probably something that started long before either of those two fossilized meatbags got on the bus.

I'm cool with that.

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