Friday, October 06, 2023


Two times I've seen the same father and daughter at the bakery. He looks to be in his forties, his little girl is maybe three or four. She has braids. I've also seen them together at Walgreens on Stockton Street. They seem to get along very well.
Although she is stubborn at times, and wilful.
But not overly sugared up.

She is well behaved and not loud. That's something that I can appreciate, as sudden piercing shrieks are a thing that I hate about most brats, particularly little tourist kids. I vastly prefer a small person already developing social skills over the tantrum queens that modern society so often breeds. Modulate, you little monsters, modulate!

Yeah, no, not planning to talk to her.
No need to socialize.

In Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Elizabeth Taylor (Maggie) describes her in-law's kids as "little no neck monsters". And so many of them are. Quiet and well-behaved small women persons, however, are a breath of fresh air.
This ain't her. I'm absolutely horrible at drawing people. But you will note that this one looks intelligent and clean, which are also very excellent characteristics.

Aunt Maggie would have undoubtedly approved.

It hit ninety degrees Fahrenheit two days in a row. Dammit, if I wanted to live in the South, I'd have moved there. And I'd speak drawling hick. Fluently.
Me and mah pick-up truck.

Not that that's germane to the foregoing.

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