Thursday, October 05, 2023


One thing that gives me joy is the sheer number of snarky college grads outsourced to food delivery services in this city. If you're wondering why all those lunch places in the Financial District are going out of business, it's because they're hugely overpriced and cater to an office population which has discovered that two or three days a week they can work from home and get more inane drone work accomplished while there, without the distraction of Buffy or Kevin yattering about their weekend and last night's teevee programme. The coffee at home is better, and they can order lunch to be delivered without standing in line with infectious suburbanites or any of those horrid common people.

Oh, also twitter laid off scads, because a certain "Canadian" blood money baby probably doesn't want to enable future Gandhis or entrepreneurs. Might come back to bite.

[Important disclaimer: I have nothing against Canadians, why some of my dearest friends and nearest relatives are Canadian. Truly splendid people, those Canadians.]

Crowded salad bars, lousy food and service, and designer clothing?
Or dirty tees, ripped jeans, and no suburbanite drooges?

So of course Akbar-ji had to find a new job.
In between channelling for Elvis.
Nowadays he spouts Christian Nationalist drivel and dishes up word-salads. To be honest, Christian Nationalist drivel, Hindu Nationalist bullpuckey, and racist anti-Latino caste-ism overlap considerably. Whenever I listen to the elderly Republican assholes in the backroom, what I hear could just as well be Modi-ji spouting his hatred of Muslims, and in fact they do have that point in common.

Okay, Boomer?

The fact that he looks like Elvis is icing on the cake.
And of course Elvis is their era.
Billy Bob-ism.

It's amazing how many succesful people in this country turn into flaming dingoes when the lights are off. Or the bedsheets are over their heads.

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