Monday, October 16, 2023


"If she comes to the door flapping a breast, I'm slamming it!" This was my apartment mate's comment while eating a slice of cake. And to clarify, it was in reference to chicken.

An elderly co-tenant in this building has not had the ettiquette class for crazy old people.
Do NOT show your raw meat to people as a conversation starter.

Now, being Dutch, I understand this. Maybe it's inherent in the languages I grew up with. But both my apartment mate and the chicken breast flapper are ethnically Chinese. And I suspect that the chicken breast flapping lady did not grow up speaking either English or Cantonese, probably Hokkien, which is a language in which waving raw meat around might well be an icebreaker. Don't know. Fujian province is kinda goofy, lah.

Maybe in some Chinese languages, flapping a breast is like the English expressions 'chewing the fat' or 'rending one's garment'?

"Having not seen each other since highschool, they happily flapped their breasts for hours."

"In despair over the passing of her aunt, she flapped her breasts and wailed".

Seeing as I am the only white guy in this building, I should know these things.
It could save my life one day.

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